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More and more employers are considering changing their recruitment process to include more checks for potential employees. 

Generally, all industries can benefit from incorporating National police checks as part of their employment/onboarding recruitment process.

Essentially a candidate could look great on paper in terms of meeting the job requirements through their CV and covering letter and presenting well in an interview.  However the proactive approach to truly understanding and delving into a persons criminal history or activity can provide a safety net and a level of comfort that you are actually hiring someone who is not only the best person for the job but is one that lends to a safer environment.

As an employer if you choose to adopt the practice of undertaking National police checks for all potential employees it would be prudent to consider workingwith a single accredited provider.  This enables you to foster a working business relationship as you will become familiar with their practices and this may create efficiencies for your business.  You may even be able to negotiate a discount.

As you identify a provider to lodge your National police check for your employeesensure you have qualified them to be an accredited provider.  Accredited providers are listed on the ACIC website.

When selecting your provider from the list of those accredited, you should look for:

  • -Professional website with easy navigation
  • -Experienced support staf
  • -Easy to follow process and ability to lodge a police check with minimal assistance
  • -Transparent and competitive pricing
  • -An indication of the time lapse to expect a result
  • -Have multiple avenues of contact
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